All the March 2014 Stallholders !!

All the March 2014 Stallholders !!

The Vintage Roundup is a clothing and craft market which brings together the very best of Dunedin’s vintage clothing and craft scene. Vintage lovers can spend a day hunting for treasures with all of their fave vintage clothing shops, online sellers and collectors all under one roof for one day.

We have now extended our invitation to craft stalls to showcase more of Dunedin’s talent.

The Vintage Roundup is held at Burns Hall (right nextdoor to First Church) But on the odd occasion we will pop up at a new venue.

Each month we run a Share & WIN comp on our facebook page, so make sure you keep-up-to-date by liking our facebook page here

 The market is a great opportunity for  fans to:

  • Get their hands on a wide range of vintage and craft all in one central city location.
  • Get a taste of Dunedin’s different vintage clothing shops, their unique styles and what they sell.
  • For newbies to Dunedin it’s a chance to find out where all the cool vintage shops are by meeting the shop owners  themselves.  Plus find out where designers / crafters sell their products and what other markets they attend.
  • An opportunity to try on clothes that are only sold online.
  • An opportunity for collectors to bring their collections out of storage and into a public space.


The Vintage Roundup is the brainchild of Tannia Lee a Secondhand Stylist who runs a style blog  called ‘Novavogue’ featuring her retro home and daughter Nova dressed in pre-loved, vintage + locally made treasures. Tannia’s new venture is her fast growing Facebook group page called Seen in Secondhand Land, where members share cool finds that are still up for grabs in Secondhand stores around Dunedin. You can follow her colourful Instagram & Facebook page here.


Hi, Tannia here, there’s nothing more exciting to me than a hall full of all my fave vintage clothing shops, online stores, collectors and crafters. So I wanted to create an event where this could be possible! The ultimate vintage clothing and craft lovers shopping haven!

I started the  first market when I moved to Dunedin in 2013. I saw ID Dunedin Fashion Week was coming up which is advertised as celebrating Dunedin’s distinct style, fashion identity and industry. I thought the vintage clothing scene is a big part of that, so I started rounding up shops and collectors that would be interested and it just grew from there.

I ran my own online vintage clothing shop called Most Wanted Vintage and i’m aware that we need events like this to create awareness of our shops, meet our fans, meet and network with other people within the vintage clothing and craft industry. Plus pick up some sweet vintage for an excellent Dunedin price.



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