Welcome vintage lovers!
Below is the information for our stallholders. 

The next market is Sat 14th March 2020
The online booking form will be emailed to those on our mailing list soon.

If you are new to our market and interested in having a stall, please email with a brief description of what you sell and a photo of what you sell or your stall set up. We accept stalls that we feel meet our standards and are in keeping with our vintage clothing and craft theme.

The Vintage Roundup accepts vintage clothing, up-cycled clothing, vintage inspired clothing, vintage bric-a-brac, jewellery, collectables and craft stalls.

We have industrial racks which we hire out at each market. First in first served. If interested please email us  first to see what is available PRIOR to filling out the booking form. There are 6 racks for hire ranging from a 30 garment to 100 garment capacity.

If you’d like to be a sponsor our $20 package includes:

  • Securing your space before the booking form is sent out
  • Your logo on all our posters and fliers
  • Your logo on the homepage of The Vintage Roundup website that links to your website or facebook page.

Payment is needed in advance to guarantee you a stall.  Once we’ve received your payment we will list you on our paperwork as a stallholder. Bank details are on booking form (and below). 

Our booking form is emailed out to our mailing list before each market. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list please email:
Stalls are first in first served, so make sure you fill out our booking form as soon as you see it in your inbox. 

We also have a waiting list you can join and you will be notified if a space becomes free.

Payments are non refundable once you have booked and payed for your space. It’s not guaranteed that we can fill your space if you pull out of the market as we do not always have stallholders on our waiting list. Please note your stallholder fees go straight out to cover the cost of the venue hire, advertising and other business costs.  It also covers costs of extra admin and time advertising to find a stallholder to fill your space.

Early Bird stall prices,  apply to those who pay 3 weeks before the market. (Due date Saturday 22nd February)  

Late bookings may also mean you get placed last on the floor plan.


The Vintage Roundup, clothing market is a great opportunity to:

  • Gain exposure & awareness through advertising.
  • Network with other like-minded businesses.
  • Reach customers you may not usually reach.
  • Make new friends within the vintage clothing, design, arts and crafts community in Dunedin.
  • See where your market is heading in terms of trend, style and any gaps or needs in the market that you could potentially fill.
  • Increase your database by offering competitions or specials which will be valuable to your business long after the event has ended.
  • Make sales
  • And of course have fun! For lots of us, this is a favourite social event we look forward to. Our regular stallholders are a super friendly bunch.


Sat 14th march 2020


11am – 3pm


Burns Hall, 415 Moray Place

SET UP TIMES – If the market is only offering inside stall spaces

Doors will be open from 8.00am for set up.  Stallholders must arrive no later than 9.30am on Saturday morning for set up. Your stall must be set up by 10.30am Doors open to the public at 11am.

SET UP TIMES – If the market is offering outside stall spaces

INSIDE STALLS –  you will need to start packing in from 8am and have your car moved by 9.00am.
This is so we can make the concrete space available for the those who have booked outside stalls. You can also pack in via the changing room entrance / exit.
OUTSIDE STALLS – you can start packing in from 9.00am
Please have your cars moved by 10am.
All stalls must be set up by 10.30am – Doors open at 11am.
Late arrivals on Saturday morning maybe turned away at the organiser’s discretion – do not be late. Pack down time starts at 3pm – no earlier, unless prior arrangements have been made.


You are welcome to drive in and park near the entrance for pack in, but please park your car elsewhere for the day.


There is plenty of off street parking, a carpark across the road and stallholders can park in the church carpark for the day.


Early Bird Fees apply to those who pay 3 weeks prior to the market – Due date Saturday 22nd February
Regular fees are due in 2 weeks prior to the market – Due date Saturday 29th February.

Small Stall | EARLY BIRD | $40

Large Stall |EARLY BIRD | $75

Small Stall  | $50

Large Stall | $80

Rack Hire | $15

Sponsor | $20


Early Bird stall prices  apply to those who pay 3 weeks prior to the market.  Regular fees are due 2 weeks prior to each market, with our new rate of  $50 for a small stall and $80 for a large stall.


Most Wanted Vintage
Once you have booked a stall, you will be sent an invoice.


Small stall spaces measure 4m2 (aprox 2 x 2 m)

Large stall spaces are double the small stall size and measure 8m2 or 9m2 (approx 4m x 2m or 3m x 3m). Depending on the venue layout.

Please be flexible to fit your stall into the spaces given. Because you will be placed on the day, the space shapes may vary and are not always rectangular.

Please measure out your space at home, so you have an idea of what you will fit in your stall space.


Please keep your stalls tidy and well presented. The Vintage Roundup is about creating a retail shop like experience for the customers. so we don’t want to see ‘for free’ piles on the floor. Please hang your garments, fold them up on tables or have tidy boxes or suitcases for customers to rummage for cheaper items.

Please test out how many garments your rack can safely hold before you come to the market.  Temperamental  and weak racks that collapse under the weight of too many garments is not a good look and will cause an untidy market and stress for you and your customers.

We encourage you to be creative with your stall space and play around with setting up your ‘mini shop’. Think of fun ideas like bringing mannequins to display clothing, ladders or book shelves to display shoes / homewares and cute floor rugs to give your space character. Imagine, if you had a shop….how would you dress your shop window? How would you inspire or impress customers with your amazing pieces?

Please note: Burns Hall  asks that we do not stick or hang anything on the walls. So please bring coat racks, mannequins, or ladders to display clothing if desired. 


Industrial clothing racks are available for hire which we be set up and ready before your arrival. There are 6  different racks and are available on first in first served basis. Please email me before filling out the booking form if you are interested in hiring a rack and we’ll send you the options with measurements and garment capacity included.


Please provide you own tables unless prior arrangement is made with us. There are limited tables and they can only be confirmed the night before the market as availability changes for each market. There are plenty of chairs at the venue, if required.


Please bring your own lamps if you would like to brighten up your stall or add some vintage ambience to the market. You will also need to bring your own extension cord and 5 plug / double plugs. You are also responsible for taping down your cords so customers do not trip over them. Gaffer tape is best used for this and you can find it at your local supermarket or hardware store.


This is a CASH MARKET  and all stallholders are required to bring their own float to give change to customers. Best to have your float sorted the day before. If you have your own Eftpos, please remember to bring an extension cord  if you are not placed near a powerpoint. Or please arrange being placed near a power cord prior to market.


You will need to bring your own bags if you want to bag your customers goods. Some markets have a no bag policy to encourage people to bring their own recyclable bags. It’s totally up to you.


Please LIKE The Vintage Roundup Facebook page here:

Posters will be put up in our fave bars, cafes,  around the student campuses.. We will also advertise online and feature the poster on websites such as Facebook,, and Please make sure you are on our mailing list to receive advertising tips for stall holders to ensure a successful market.


You are welcome to advertise your shop / business / up-coming event at your stall. Make sure your posters and flyers have your business / shop name, logo, address, website, facebook page and email. Business cards and fliers are great to give to interested customers to take home and to other stallholders for networking. You can leave your fliers on the foyer table and I will leave bluetack for you to put up a poster. (Only in the foyer please, as it wont damage the walls in there).


If there are two people at your stall you are free to grab a drink, look around the event yourself, move your car and have toilet breaks without leaving your stall unattended. You could even organise a friend or two to visit during the day to give you breaks.

If alone, make friends with your neighbour stalls and you can look out for each other.


We encourage stallholders to dress up in their fave vintage, vintage inspired and up-cycled outfits. We also encourage you to be a walking advertisement for your stock, if you design your own wares, there’s no-on better than you to feature it. Be proud of your collections and creations and show people how great they look….on YOU.

Tannia will be photographing the stalls and inspiring outfits on the day for The Vintage Roundup website and  facebook page . So feel free to get creative!


Please bring your own snacks / lunch / drinks. At Burns Hall, we will have the boiling water turned on to make your own hot drinks, or we may have a coffee cart out the front. We will let you know via email.


Please use the bins provided and  take larger rubbish home with you. If it does not fit into a bin, do not leave it at the venue.


Are located in the foyer of the hall.


We recommend being prepared with a market tool box to help you out in any situation like a broken rack, putting up posters and fixing garments. A shoe box is a good size.

Some handy items are:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Gaffer tape
  • Paper
  • Blue-tack (pop that shop poster on the wall or in the toilets)
  • Extra price tags
  • Sharpie
  • Pen
  • Chalk
  • Safety pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Poster of your business
  • Business cards
  • Shop fliers
  • Shopping bags for customers
  • Book or magazine to read

Bigger items:

  • Full length mirror
  • Lamp
  • Extension cord
  • 5 plug
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Clothing rack

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